Welcome to Strong Catholic Dad 2.0!

We appreciate your patience as we’ve worked through an extensive overhaul of both the user and administrator ends of the website. It took about twice as long as we had anticipated, but we’re happy to announce these exciting changes:

  1. We’ve separated the Guides from the Blog, making it easier to differentiate between See for Yourself! and Fuel for the Fire.
  2. The Guides have received a complete overhaul. The most exciting new feature is that the site automatically keeps track of your progress through each guide, so now you can sort by guides you haven’t yet started.
  3. You can now update your subscription, payment methods, and account directly from the website – no need to call in!
  4. We’ve written an extensive new breakdown of the See for Yourself! approach.
  5. We’ve added a Getting Started page.
  6. We’ve added an FAQ & Tips page.
  7. We’ve reduced the cost of the yearly subscription from $119.88 to just $99.

That’s all for now! Leave a comment below if you have any questions!