Raised from the Dead after 3 Years!

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In 1070, Duke Boleslas II governed Poland, and St Stanislaus was Bishop of Cracow. Boleslas scandalously neglected his duties, and Stanislaus publicly reprimanded him for it. To take revenge, Boleslas hatched a dastardly plan.

3 years prior, Stanislaus had bought property from a man named Peter Miles, who died shortly after the purchase. Knowing about the transaction, Boleslas bribed Peter’s relatives to testify that Stanislaus had never paid for the property. At the court hearing, Stanislaus was condemned to make restitution to Peter’s relatives. Having no one to defend him, Stanislaus requested a 3-day delay from the court, promising that Peter Miles would testify on his behalf. The authorities scorned Stanislaus but granted the time. And 3 days was long enough!

After continually fasting and imploring God’s intervention, on the third day, Stanislaus celebrated Mass and headed for the cemetery with his clergy and some faithful. He commanded the workers, “Dig him up!” So, they unearthed the remains of Peter’s bones.
Stanislaus prayed aloud: “In the name of Jesus Christ, the Resurrection and the Life, arise!”

To their astonishment, the bones rattled, shifted into right position, enfleshed, and there resurrected Peter Miles!

Stanislaus escorted him from the grave and through town as a crowd grew. Boleslas had been anticipating with pleasure the revenge soon to be his as the court filled with people. Imagine the stupefied shock of everyone! His relatives recognized Peter at once.

“Behold Peter!” declared Stanislaus.

Peter affirmed that indeed he had been paid. Then he turned to his relatives:

“Woe to you for having falsely accused this holy priest! Do penance for such a heinous sin that God may have mercy on your souls!”

And then to Boleslas:

“Woe to you, your soul is in jeopardy!”

Now Stanislaus spoke for all to hear:

“Peter, I have obtained for you the grace from God to live out the remainder of your natural life, if you so choose.”

“I do not choose it!” replied Peter firmly.

“I am now in Purgatory undergoing painful atonement for my sins but with the blessed assurance of Heaven. I will not risk losing my salvation for more time on earth! However, I do ask that you implore God to shorten my purgation. Please send me back!”

Now with an even larger crowd of witnesses, Stanislaus walked Peter through town to the cemetery. Peter laid himself in the grave. Before everyone, Stanislaus prayed and then touched Peter with his crosier (a hooked shepherd’s staff). Peter’s flesh fell off, his bones rattled and scattered back to their original position.

“Bury him!” commanded Stanislaus.

And so ends the incredible story of Peter Miles and St Stanislaus.

Given the large number of witnesses, there is high confidence in the authenticity of this account. It was recorded in the Acta Sanctorum on May 7, and retold in the book Purgatory by Fr. Schouppe. I expanded the dialogue somewhat to flesh out the story while retaining its original emphasis.

3 Takeaways:
  1. God allowed this soul in purgatory to help St Stanislaus. Other Saints have reported similar aid.
  2. Peter Miles was assured of Heaven, but asked for St Stanislaus’ prayers to relieve him and get him there sooner.
  3. God doesn’t just ‘allow’ you to help the poor souls, He wants you to do so!

Would you like to relieve and release the poor souls like St Stanislaus and ask them for help?

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  • Julie Ponticello December 17, 2021   Reply →

    Great story of the powerful aid the Poor Souls are able and willing to provide.
    We have prayed daily for them for many years.

    What a great story to share with protestants who do not accept the existence of purgatory nor bother to pray for deceased friends/family members.

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