How to Build Your Domestic Church, Now!

‘I wish I had done that 30 years ago. Now, all my kids are out of the Faith.’

My heart broke for the financially successful dad who told me that after learning of the online teaching guides to make it easier for parents to teach the faith, in the comfort of their own home, weekly. As parents, we have a sacred privilege and duty to build our children’s faith. We build today while our children are still open.

“As the twig is bent, so grows the branch.”

Below is the talk and outline of it that I gave to parents on Pentecost titled ‘How to Build the Domestic Church, Now!’

1) Parents, the Soul of the Family

  • We must realize that our mission of leading our children to Christ happens only by degrees, through inculturation of God’s love into the fabric of family life, and includes times of defeat. (cf. CCC 854)
  • “Call no one happy before death, one will be known through one’s children.” -Sirach 11:28

2) Blessings

  • The power, necessity and ‘how-to’ for moms and dads of blessing our children each day.
  • Satan is bound by a father’s blessing!

3) FAIL NOT to Fulfill God’s Command to Teach at Home

Unless the faith is taught in our family home, it does not take root in our child’s heart.

  • Deu 6: “You shall diligently teach your children the faith at home, whether you are busy or at rest.”
  • Mom and Dad must commit together to fulfill God’s command each week!
  • Family Conquest is now a free-for-all-families program of weekly ‘spiritual conquests’ for families

4) The Urgency of Prayer

  • “He who does not experience spiritual joy, necessarily becomes addicted to carnal pleasure.”- St Augustine
  • Divine intimacy in prayer is CRUCIAL for our sanity, our hope, our faithfulness, and our capacity to give ourselves in love.
  • Resources to go deeper into the mystical life of prayer to which we are ALL called!!!

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