Crazy Australian Catches Raccoon-like Animal Bare-handed. Show your kids!

Andrew Ucles is a legend in my household. His knowledge of animals and how to draw them in is amazing. His wild pursuit of the Bolivian Coati becomes a FANTASTIC analogy for kids to see how God wants to draw close to us, not hurt us, just hold us near His Heart. The activity at the end of this Conquest is Hide-And-Go-Seek in the house. My kids LOVED it, and I have heard many funny stories from other families. One dad told me he wasn’t able to find his teen son without clues from the kids, and he never found his wife 😉 Surprise your kids and play it this weekend! You will be wowed by your kids’ ingenuity.

Spiritual Nuggets for Family Discussion

Open with a prayer.
(i.e. a Glory Be, or Our Father, or Hail Mary, or ‘Jesus, Mary, Joseph, we love You! Save souls!’)

What did Andrew have to do to catch the Coati?

  • Chase, and chase, and chase!

If you think of the hunter like a dad, and the Coati as his child, what is one of the best ways for a dad to show his love for his children?

  • By playing chase.
  • By always pursuing his children’s hearts and never giving up, especially when it is difficult.
  • God promises dads that if they hope in Him, He will give them the strength and the joy of pursuit of their wife’s and children’s hearts: “They that hope in the LORD will renew their strength, they will soar on eagles’ wings; They will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint.” Is 40:31

Does God ever give up His hunt for our hearts?

  • Nope!
  • God never gives up His hunt for our love. He chases us until we are tired of our selfishness and ready to let Him hold us close to His heart.
  • God made dads to never give up the hunt for love either!

Close with a prayer.

*****Please comment below and share a little something about how it went with your kids or what they liked.

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