Man with Cerebral Palsy Competes In 72 Marathons After Docs Say 'Forget Him, Put Him In An Institution'

“Dad, when I’m running, it feels like my disability disappears.” Those words inspired Rick’s dad to run with him for over 1100 endurance events. Look deeper to see how God the Father brings us into a life we could never enter on our own. If you click over to the full Family Conquest, the “To Do” activity in the Wrapping It Up section teaches you the fireman carry to move an unconscious person to safety. My kids loved it. So fun.

(View Segment from 1:41 to 9:54)

Spiritual Nuggets for Family Discussion

Open with a prayer.
(i.e. a Glory Be, or Our Father, or Hail Mary, or ‘Jesus, Mary, Joseph, we love You! Save souls!’)

What did God give this dad to lead his son?

  • God gave him the strength and love to help his son enjoy life in a way that he never would have been able to without a loving father.

What does God our loving Father want for us that is similar to what this strong dad wants for his son?

  • God wants us to live fully and find joy, even with our difficulties and limitations.

What will God the Father do for us that is similar to what this strong dad did for his son?

  • God will carry us through life and across the finish line into Heaven, if we ask Him and trust Him.

Close with a prayer.

*****Please comment below and share a little something about how it went with your kids or what they liked.

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