Dad Joins His Son’s Marching Band

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Does Patrick have major limitations?

  • Yes. He is blind and crippled.

Do Patrick's needs place a lot of demands on his dad?

  • Yes.
  • His dad works hard, sleeps little, and sacrifices greatly to help his son reach goals that didn’t seem possible.

Could you imagine a dad with a son like Patrick giving up on his son?

  • Sure. Any dad would be tempted to think that “life would be better” if he didn’t have to care for a needy son.

So, in the exchange of love between Patrick and his father, what does his dad get out of their relationship?

  • Joy! Priceless joy.
  • When dads seek to love and raise up their children to God, no matter the difficulties, they experience the joy of being loved by their children and the delight of seeing their children grow and thrive.

What does God reveal about His own fatherhood through the example of Patrick and his dad?

  • God could live fine without us.
  • However, He chose to create us and love us.
  • God finds joy in loving and sacrificing Himself for us, and He delights in the joy we experience in sacrificing ourselves to love Him and others.