A Dad Discovers His Own Special Power

Dads actually do have a superpower! Do you know what it is?

It is not “super” because it is unusual; it is super because it comes through me from God and is powerful and effective.

What did you learn about the power of a dad's blessing?

  • Answers vary.
  • Fathers in particular have a superpower to bless their own children, a power given to them by God the Father.
  • The power of a dad’s blessing literally transforms the hearts and lives of his kids. It also transforms dads when they bless.

Even though it may be uncomfortable at first, what can we do to make sure I bless each of you every day?

  • Some dads bless their kids every night before bed; some do it every morning.
  • Dads can bless their children no matter how old they are! You can come up with your own words or use scripture.
  • Dads who are away can call their kids and bless them. Or, if a dad cannot call, he can think of each child, make the sign of the cross, and bless them from anywhere in the world!
  • Some kids bless their parents, too. Even though kids don’t have authority over parents, parents love to be blessed by their kids!

So, how often should a strong Catholic dad strive to bless his kids?

  • Every day!
  • The more a dad blesses, the more he will be blessed!