AiroShock: The Secret to Almost Indestructible Phones

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Can the Mous phone case endure lots of impact?

  • Yes.

Why can it handle so many different types of impact?

  • The Mous phone cases are lined with AiroShock which absorbs the impact.
  • The energy of the impact is absorbed into the case instead of being transferred to the phone, which would demolish the phone.

How is the way a mature person deals with emotions similar to how a Mous case deals with impact?

  • A mature person feels his emotions (absorbs the impact) without allowing them to overwhelm his reason or bend his will towards something evil.1
  • When we reject our emotions and refuse to feel them, they almost always come again (like the ball bouncing on hard plastic) and cause more damage than if we just felt them in a timely manner.
  • God gave us emotions to feel them, learn from them, and grow in virtue as we choose the greatest good- whatever leads to eternal joy.1

1) CCC 1767 & 1768