Anger From the Inside Out

*This video looks at anger from the movie Inside Out. The emotions of the humans are personified as cartoon characters.

(View segment from :49 to 2:59)

Was Riley (the little girl) overwhelmed by her emotions?

  • Yes.

How did this video show that anger was 'in control' for Riley and her dad?

  • For both of them, their feeling of anger wasn’t just present at the control panel of their minds, it had taken control.
  • For Riley, Anger knocked out Fear; then she yelled, “Shut up!” Fear had to be out of the way for her to yell at her dad.

Since Anger can 'take over,' should it be forbidden from being present at the control panel in headquarters?

  • Anger should be present, allowed to give input, and allowed to appropriately be expressed.7
  • However, Anger, like all the emotions, needs to be governed/controlled by our reason.8
  • This movie is missing a cartoon character for ‘Right Reason’ which would listen to and enlist the help of the emotions to accomplish what is the greatest good in a situation.9
  • Also, a cartoon character is missing for ‘Love’ which, when ordered to the greatest good by faith and ‘Right Reason,’ leads you to Heaven!10

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