Fr. Martin Padovani: Anger is Important in Your Relationships

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Is it important to feel, deal with, and appropriately express anger in your relationships?

  • Yes!
  • Actually, dealing with and expressing anger is CRUCIAL for keeping relationships healthy.

What are some reasons we might be afraid of anger?

  • We think it is a sin.
  • We are afraid we will lose control of it.
  • We falsely think that avoiding anger or ‘stuffing it’ is the nice, virtuous thing to do.

The catechism defines virtues as good habits.4 Using that definition, is the feeling of anger a virtue?

  • No.
  • The feeling of anger is not a virtue. Yet, expressing anger appropriately is a good habit and therefore virtuous.5
  • It is virtuous to direct the anger you feel toward resisting evil and striving for good through fair conflict.6

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5) CCC 1774
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