Prank: Revenge- You Eat Worms!

Did the girl dressed in black have a legitimate reason to feel angry?

  • Yes!
  • The candy was free for everyone. Yet, the girl in the hat was unfair and turned her away.

Is it a sin for the girl in black to feel angry?

  • No!
  • The Catechism clearly says that the feeling of anger is not a sin.1

Why isn't anger a sin since it is one of the capital sins, and Jesus said, 'Everyone who is angry with his brother shall be liable to judgement.'

  • Yes, this is confusing, even for adults!
  • The Catechism uses 2 different definitions for the same word ‘anger.’
  • Anger as a feeling or a ‘passion’ is not a moral good or evil.1 Anger can’t be wrong since at times even God is described as angry.2
  • Anger as a deliberate desire to do evil to someone is a sin.3
  • The key difference is your free will. At the moment you freely ‘will’ or deliberately desire evil upon someone, you have sinned.

Even though this was only a prank video, if it were real, at what point did the girl in black sin?

  • She sinned at the moment she used her free will to deliberately desire evil upon the other girl.2

1) CCC 1773
2) Ex 33:18-19; Mt 21:12-13
3) CCC 2302