Fr. Martin Padovani: Anger, Trust and Love

(View segment from 1:56 to 3:32)
In close relationships do we need to share on all levels of joy, pain, and also anger?

  • Yes.
  • If we don’t express our pain and anger, it causes resentment which erodes and/or explodes our relationship.

What does honest communication about our feelings help build in our relationships?

  • It helps build trust and intimacy (the meaning of intimacy can be easily remembered as ‘into me see’).
  • In truly healthy and loving relationships, we can share our pain and anger with each other, trusting that we are still loved.

Can you love someone and still be angry at him/her?

  • Yes!
  • Love does NOT mean an absence of conflict!
  • Love means that we can trustingly share our feelings of anger, talk about our disagreements, and then respectfully compromise on our differences.