Wrapping It Up


If we avoid feeling our anger and dealing with it, we will become resentful and our relationships will be damaged.
If we feel, reveal and deal with our anger appropriately, our relationships will be more intimate, genuine and joyful.

Trust God

“Set a guard, LORD, before my mouth,
keep watch over the door of my lips.
Do not let my heart incline to evil.”

                                  -Psalm 141:3-4

To Pray

*Pick a prayer below. Repeat it each time you do another guide until it’s memorized, then move to the next one.

Prayer to Repair the Damage of Sin & Help Save Sinners

  • + My God, I believe, I adore, I trust, and I love You! I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love You.* +Amen.

*God wants YOU (especially children) to help save sinners by praying this prayer every day!  In the spring of 1916, God sent the Angel of Peace from Heaven to Fatima, Portugal to teach this powerful prayer to the whole world through 3 children – Lucia age 9, Francisco age 7, and Jacinta 6. This prayer repairs damage caused by people’s sins, draws them back to God, and brings peace to the world! God wants YOU to take part in His work to save sinners. He made it so simple that everyone everywhere can pray this prayer frequently! In Heaven, you’ll see how many people you helped save!

Eucharistic Prayer to Convert Poor Sinners

  • + Most Holy Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – I adore You profoundly. I offer You the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, truly present in all the tabernacles of the world in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences by which He is offended. By the infinite merits of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of You the conversion of poor sinners.* +Amen.

FATIMA CHILDREN*God wants YOU (especially children) to pray this 2nd prayer to help save sinners! In August of 1916, God again sent the Angel of Peace from Heaven to Fatima, Portugal to teach this 2nd prayer to the world through Lucia – now 10, Francisco – now 8, and Jacinta – still 6. This prayer also repairs the damage caused by people’s sins and helps convert poor sinners! God really wants children and adults to join Him in saving others through this prayer.

On July 6, 1973, Our Lady appeared in Akita, Japan and asked that the expression ‘truly present’ be used to emphasize that Jesus is really and truly present in the Eucharist!

St Francis' Absorbeat Prayer to Increase Our Love of God

  • + May the power of Your love, O Lord, fiery and sweet as honey, absorb my heart and withdraw it from all under Heaven. Grant that I may be ready to die for love of Your love, just as You, who are so good, died for love of my love. All high and glorious God, ignite my heart, give me a right faith, a sure hope, a perfect charity, a profound humility, the will and intelligence to know and fulfill Your holy will.* +Amen.

*Why memorize & pray this prayer? The more our love for God grows, the happier we will be on earth and in Heaven! Loving God with all our heart is the first and greatest commandment. -Deut 6:5 

To Do

Think back to the most recent time you were angry. Take it to prayer and ask God what He wants you to learn from it, and how He wants you to reveal it and deal with it now.

If excessive or inordinate anger is a problem in your family, dad can pray this prayer over the family:

In the Holy Name of Jesus, I ask Jesus, through the intercession of Mary his Mother and the Powers of Heaven, that any demons that are bothering our family be bound. I pray that God might render them impotent, paralyzed and ineffective. May they have no influence on us; may they not stir us into excessive anger this day or any day. May the Holy Spirit empower the angels to keep us peaceful, even when we feel angry, and to protect us to the praise and glory of God the Father in his Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayers like this for the laity can be found at CatholicExorcism.org.