A Boy and a Defective Dog

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Was the boy mean to the dog when he first saw it?

  • No.
  • He was initially delighted.

What did the boy see that made him mad and mean toward the dog?

  • He saw that the dog was defective, it was missing a leg.

Why was he so mean towards the dog?

  • The dog reminded him of his own disability; he was missing a leg too.
  • The boy directed his anger about the ‘injustice’ of his disability onto the dog.

What new perspective did the boy learn from the dog?

  • He saw the dog’s persistence and creativity in overcoming its disability.
  • He realized that the dog had found joy, even though it was missing a leg too.
  • The dog’s ‘new perspective’ was represented when it looked at the world upside down, saw the ball, and flipped over to go get it.

God surely didn't want the boy to use his anger to hurt the dog. What then did God want the boy to use his anger for?

  • God gave the boy anger to motivate him to action, to fuel him to try new ways of enjoying what he could enjoy in life.