Fr. Michael Gaitley: Why should you do Marian Consecration?

(View segment from :07 to 3:11)
What did Fr. Michael say was the reason to do the Marian Consecration?

  • According to St. Louis de Monfort, entrusting/consecrating ourselves to Mary is the quickest, easiest, surest and most perfect way to become a saint.

Is there anything more important in life than becoming a saint?

  • Nope!
  • At the end of time there will only be Heaven and Hell. If you are in Heaven then, you are a saint. If not, you are in Hell forever.
  • So, our destiny, our fulfillment, our happiness forever is dependent on whether or not we become saints.

What is extra special about Mary's help?

  • She leads us along the easiest path to become a saint!
  • She makes sweet the crosses that we must carry in order to become a saint.