Prank: Statue of Mary Comes Alive

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Would you be shocked if a statue of Mary came alive in front of you?

  • Yes!

Do you know of any instances in history where the Virgin Mary actually appeared or where her statue came to life?

  • There have been many Catholic Church approved apparitions of Mary, and in some instances her statue came to life.
  • In the Catholic Church approved apparition of Mary to Sister Agnes Sasagawa in Akita, Japan in 1973, Our Lady’s statue came to life and spoke to the sister.
  • Sister Agnes, who had been deaf for years, heard Our Lady’s voice and was eventually cured of her deafness.
  • The statue miraculously cried 101 times over 6 years. The crying was broadcast live on TV in Japan on December 8, 1979.
  • The tears were tested scientifically and were found to be human tears!
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    If you would like to learn more about Our Lady’s apparition in Akita Japan, links to videos and an article are at the end of the Wrapping It Up section.

Why do you think God would give Mary the power to heal and to appear on earth?

  • God wants to grab our attention through the physical powers He has given to Mary.
  • He then wants us to listen closely to Mary and to realize that not only has He given her physical power, but He has given her incredible spiritual power to help all humanity!