What Does Consecration Mean?

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What does Consecration mean?

  • To set something or someone apart for a holy purpose.
  • Total Consecration to Jesus means to give yourself completely to Jesus so that you can become holy, help others, and make it to Heaven.
  • Another word for consecration is entrustment- to entrust oneself.

Why then would you consecrate/entrust yourself to Mary?

  • Because the Holy Trinity did it first!
  • The Holy Trinity chose to completely entrust Jesus to Mary as her son, so we imitate the Holy Trinity.
  • Then, Jesus gave His last commandment from the cross: “Behold your mother!”
  • So, we take hold of Mary as our mother and completely entrust ourselves to Mary as her child.

Since 'behold your mother' was Jesus' last command from the cross, what does this tell you about the importance of Mary's role in our lives?

  • It tells us that Mary’s role as our helper is crucial for all of us.
  • Jesus knew that following Him to the cross would be overwhelming to us, and that we’d want to reject the crosses in our lives.
  • So, Jesus gave Mary special power to guide, console, and protect each one of us as her very own child.