8 Jesuit Priests Miraculously Survived the Hiroshima Nuclear Bomb

(View segment from 13:45 to 19:30)
Was it miraculous that the priests survived that nuclear bomb?

  • Yes.
  • They should have been killed by the blast wave or by the fire.
  • Also, the radiation from the bomb should have killed them through developing cancer like it did everyone else who was close.

What was the reason that Fr. Schiffer gave for their miraculous survival?

  • They were praying the daily Rosary and adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

What message do you think that God wants us to learn from this miracle?

  • God wants us to see that He has given Mary more power than a nuclear bomb.
  • He wants us to entrust ourselves to her protection, pray the daily rosary as a sign of our entrustment, and love Jesus in the Eucharist.