Ride with Me!

In this scene from Lord of the Rings, Eowyn, the royal goddaughter of King Theoden, is dressed as a man and pulls the hobbit Merry onto her horse.
Women usually weren’t allowed in battle. So, Eowyn dressed like a man, so she could fight too.

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Was the hobbit happy to be pulled onto Eowyn's horse as the riders left for battle?

  • Yes!

Why did the hobbit, Merry, want to go to battle?

  • Even though he was little, he wanted to do his part and fight.

How are we like the hobbit Merry? How is Eowyn like the Blessed Virgin?

  • Like Merry the hobbit, we are little and ill-suited for battle and the long journey, but we want to do great things.
  • Like Eowyn is Merry’s special ‘lady’, if we entrust ourselves to the Virgin Mary, she is Our Lady who raises us up with her to battle against sin and Satan.