The Power of Offering Our Duties and Sufferings through Mary

(View segment from 19:30 to 22:09)
Do you have duties that you must do and little sufferings that you have to endure each day?

  • Yes. We all do.

How do we turn our duties and difficulties into something spiritually powerful?

  • We do it by entrusting ourselves to Our Lady, which invokes her powerful help.
  • She will make our duties and difficulties sweeter, because she will teach us how to calmly accept them and offer them to God as a powerful prayer to help others.

Even though we are tempted to believe we are too little and that we can't make a difference, is that really true?

  • No, it is not!
  • Our Lady accepts from us our tiny daily efforts to do what is right each moment and love others, especially when it is hard.
  • Then, she magnifies (multiplies) the value of those little efforts by the power given to her which is greater than a nuclear bomb!
  • Finally, she presents that invaluable offering to God, and it helps our family, friends and many other people.