To Battle with the Lady

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Did the battle sound like something that could be won?

  • No.
  • Eowyn said: ‘It will soon be over.’
  • Merry said that there was not much point in hoping.

How did Merry describe Eowyn? Could those words describe the Blessed Virgin Mary?

  • He described her as fair (meaning beautiful), brave, having much to live for and many who love her.
  • Yes, the Blessed Virgin Mary is beautiful, brave and she lives to defend all of us, her children.

Merry entrusted himself to Eowyn, so he could enter the battle. We entrust ourselves to Mary for similar reasons. What motivated the hobbit Merry to entrust himself to her? What does the Blessed Lady offer us similar to what Eowyn offers the hobbit Merry?

  • Merry wanted to help his friends. In his littleness, he knew he could not help them without Eowyn.
  • The Blessed Virgin Mary, similar to Eowyn, offers us protection, guidance, and her powerful help to fight a foe that we can’t conquer on our own.

What did Eowyn do after Merry spoke his intentions to her that is similar to what the Blessed Virgin Mary does for us?

  • Eowyn put on her helmet and invited him to the battle.
  • In a similar way, the Blessed Virgin Mary accepts our devotion and entrustment, then she leads us into battle against sin and Satan.