Chris Stefanick: People Who Died for the Eucharist

Why would people risk their lives to go to Mass?

  • The Eucharist is the source of life. You may risk your life on earth by going to Mass, but you are protecting your life for Heaven.
  • If Jesus can turn bread (which is not alive) into His body, He can also bring your dead body back to life.
  • To receive Jesus’ life through the Eucharist is worth sacrificing our life on earth so that we gain life forever in Heaven.
  • Revelations 12 reveals the attitude we must have in order to conquer sin and Satan and make it to heaven: “They defeated him (the Devil) by the blood of the Lamb (the Eucharist) and by the word of their testimony (how they lived & spoke); love for life (this life) did not deter them from death (so they could be happy with God forever in Heaven).”
  • St. Padre Pio said that, if we knew what the value of the Mass really is, we would be wiling to risk our lives to attend just one Mass.