Like Son

What things did the son learn from his dad?

  • How to get ready in the morning, mow the lawn, throw a pass, put his shoes away, etc.

Why do you think this video is called “Like Son”?

  • Because of the expression “Like Father, like Son,” which means that children tend to do what their parents do.
  • Children eventually learn the benefits of their parents’ actions: providing for the family, bringing order to the house, enjoying the peace and meaning that come from following God and loving others.
  • Then, the children want those benefits for themselves, know what it takes to get them, and become like their parents.

What was the most important lesson this strong Catholic dad taught?

  • He taught his son how to pray and how to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Loving God with your whole heart, soul, strength and mind is the greatest commandment. As a catholic dad, I strive to grow in doing that myself and teaching you to do it, too!

How much was Jesus, the Son, like His own Father?

  • They are so alike, so totally united, that they are one God!
  • Jesus said, “whoever has seen Me has seen the Father.” – John 14:9
  • A strong catholic dad strives to be like the Son, Jesus, and like God the Father, so much so that one day, he and his children will be totally united with God in Heaven.