The Power of Seeing Eye to Eye

In what ways did people respond to spending 60 seconds staring into another person's eyes?

  • Some smiled, some cried.
  • It was probably uncomfortable for everyone when they started.
  • For many people, it was quite powerful.

Why do you think this experience was so impactful for people?

  • Looking at another person in the eye, and holding that look, is an intimate sharing that moves people.
  • Our Faith teaches that the Holy Trinity is a communion of persons in an eternal exchange of love, and God has destined us to share in that exchange. -cf CCC 221
  • So, the intimacy of silently looking into another person’s eyes makes us feel that deeper connection and communion that God made us for.

Can you think of the similarities between this experience and prayer?

  • First off, just like this experience was a planned event, prayer requires 2 people (you and God) to pick a time to come together and then to focus all your attention on each other.
  • At first, it can be uncomfortable and challenging to get going. You will be tempted to change the way you pray, instead of just sticking with it.
  • Yet, since God made you for intimate communion with Him, by persisting in the way you pray, the experience will become quite powerful and make you happy, and at times bring you to tears.