Things Didn’t Go as I Planned Today

*Dad- read the text on the screen for the younger kids

Does God want us to speak to Him just like we are talking to a friend?

  • Yes!
  • “Prayer is the living relationship of the children of God with their Father, with His Son, and with the Holy Spirit.” -CCC 2565

Did God have a best plan in mind for the person?

  • Yes!
  • All the problems the person faced were actually less problematic than what would have happened if things went according to the person’s plan.

What does God want from us in prayer?

  • Trust! He wants us to trust Him.
  • More than anything, He wants us to love Him, and love first requires… trust!

*Note: The Church doesn’t definitively teach who the ‘Angel of Death’ is. We do know that Satan is a fallen angel who hates God and man. Also, an angel of God does protect and lead each soul to life. -CCC 336