Free Hugs: Will People Take Them?

Did lots of people pass up the opportunity to get a hug? Why?

  • Yes!
  • They didn’t know the person or know if they could trust him or her.
  • It’s awkward to hug someone you don’t know.

What did you notice happen to the people who hugged?

  • They smiled.
  • Both the one who offered the hug and the one who agreed to it were more joyful during and after the hug.

How is God like the people with the 'Free Hugs' sign when He invites us to prayer?

  • God doesn’t force Himself on us; He waits for us to respond to Him.
  • When we come to Him, He opens His arms wide and embraces us.
  • Though it may be awkward at first, prayer gets easier and more comfortable.
  • Prayer brings joy to both us and God when we take the time to pray to Him.