A Man Who Dedicated His Life to His Daughter’s Care

Did the daughter suffer because her dad was deaf(couldn't hear) and dumb(couldn't speak)?

  • Yes. People made fun of her which upset her a lot.
  • She complained that her father didn’t understand her hopes and fears.

What did her father do to provide for her?

  • He worked hard.
  • He encouraged her to study hard and do well.
  • He wrote her a birthday card and purchased a special cake for her.

When did she finally appreciate the sacrifice he made for her?

  • When she saw that he had given his blood to save her life.

Has anyone ever donated blood to save your life or the life of someone you know?

  • Answers vary.
  • Jesus gave His Blood to give you eternal life.
  • “He purchased you with His own blood.” -Acts 20:28