A Father Who Sacrificed Himself to Teach His Son How to Be Rich

When the son was young, was he grateful for his dad?

  • No. He didn’t like his dad.
  • He saw his dad as poor, unsuccessful, and not smart.
  • He was even disrespectful when he smacked his dad’s face with the book.
  • He didn’t accept the money his dad gave him when he left for college.

When did the son appreciate his dad?

  • After his dad died, and the son visited the orphanage.

What did the son finally realize about the sacrifices of his father?

  • He realized that his dad had been financially ‘poor,’ because he had given his time and money to help others.
  • He realized that his dad was actually rich in generosity and love of others.
  • He realized that through his dad, he, himself, had actually been donating to help the orphanage for years!
  • He finally understood the lesson his dad taught him: “Being rich is not about how much we have, but how much we give.”

What lesson at the end of the first video on cookies did this son put into practice?

  • “The best apology is changed behavior.”
  • To honor his dad and show he had learned the lesson, the son willingly sacrificed himself for others by volunteering his time to be a clown at the orphanage, just like his dad.