A Man and His Cookies

Where were the first man's cookies?

  • He had put them in the seat next to him underneath his stuff.

How do you think the first man felt when he realized he had been taking the other man's cookies?

  • He probably felt really embarrassed, especially since he had acted so annoyed toward the second man.

Both men had to face someone else eating their cookies. How did they respond to the same problem in different ways?

  • The first man acted really annoyed.
  • The second man didn’t complain and instead smiled and even offered to split the last cookie.

Can you think of instances where you or others acted ungrateful or annoyed towards someone who was actually sacrificing himself for you?

  • This happens often between parents and children. Children can get annoyed that their parents aren’t giving them what they want when, in fact, everything the parents give is actually an unmerited gift for the child.
  • We also can be annoyed with God for what we don’t have instead of realizing that He gave us everything that we do have.