An Army Veteran Who Saved Girl with Leukemia

Why was Adriana so grateful?

  • She knew that Mike’s bone marrow donation had saved her life.

What do we know about Mike Laureano's past that showed his willingness to sacrifice himself for the good of other people?

  • Mike was in the military.
  • So, he was willing to offer his life to protect his country and the people with whom he served.

How was Mike's sacrifice to save Adriana's life similar to Jesus' sacrifice to save your life?

  • Mike sacrificed some of his bone marrow, the part of his bone that produces blood, for Adriana, so that her body could begin to produce healthly blood again, and she could live.
  • Mike’s bone marrow saved Adriana’s life.
  • Jesus sacrificed his body and blood for us, so that we could be healed from certain death caused by original sin and begin to live life reunited to God that will last for eternity!