A Homeless Man’s Breathtaking Act

(View segment from 0 to 6:04)
Did the homeless man have to pay the bill for the medicine of the other man?

  • No. He paid a debt he did not owe.
Did the homeless man trust that God would take care of him, if he gave away the money he just received?

  • Yes! He had incredible faith that God would take care of him some other way.

If you think of the young man as God and the homeless man as us, what does this story show about us and the way God tests and blesses us?

  • We are all a little ‘homeless,’ until we are in heaven. We were made for a heavenly home.
  • Everything we have here on earth God gave us. He tests us to see if we will trust Him (like the homeless man trusted Him) and sacrifice what we have in order to love God and to love others.
  • When we sacrifice ourselves for love, most especially for the spiritual good of others, God blesses us and gives far more than we ever gave Him. He gives us His home forever.