Cardinal Arinze: Jesus Offers Himself as a Sacrifice

Sin is a spiritual crime, an offense against other people, against God and against our own soul.
In this video, Cardinal Arinze explains how Jesus, the innocent son, offers himself as a sacrifice to pay for the punishment of our sins:

(View segment from 3:27 to 7:36)
Was Jesus innocent?

  • Yes. He never committed a sin. He never disobeyed his Father in Heaven.

Can we see the physical impact of Christ's sufferings?

  • Yes! The Shroud of Turin shows how horribly He suffered.
  • The Shroud is believed to be the burial cloth that was wrapped around Jesus’ body.
  • Notice the numerous red stains on the cloth from His wounds (estimated to be 370!).

Can we see the spiritual impact of Christ's suffering that paid for our offenses against God and others?

  • No. We can’t see it directly.
  • We can see the results of Christ’s innocent suffering for sin in the transformed lives of His followers.
  • When the heart of the lady in the last video was healed, she smiled and generously gave the money back to the son.
  • In a similar way, when our soul experiences healing, we become generous and want to ‘give back’ love to Jesus (the Innocent Son) and to others.

Why is the Catholic Mass so crucial for humanity?

  • Through the Mass, we receive again, right now, Jesus, His healing, His Joy, and His life.
  • We lay down our offenses, and Jesus pays the price for them.
  • Amazingly, Jesus also invites us in the Mass to offer our sacrifices to help pay for other people’s sins too!!
  • Jesus strengthens us to be like Him, to sacrifice ourselves for the spiritual good of others.