Debt Paid 30 Years Ago

Why was the daughter frustrated with her dad?

  • Because he kept giving away food and money, which meant there was less for their family.

Did the daughter show her frustration with her dad over the years?

  • Yes!
  • She made it clear that she disapproved of his actions.

What did this daughter finally learn from her strong dad?

  • She learned that God blesses us when we choose to be generous like Him.
  • She also learned that when we follow God and truly trust Him to provide for us, especially when we don’t see how He is going to do it, He blesses us beyond measure.
  • The dad’s medical bill was paid by the little boy, now a doctor, whom he had helped 30 years before.
  • The money from Thailand is called Baht. 792,000 Baht is about $25,000! So, the doctor paying the dad’s bill was a HUGE gift, and it became a powerful lesson for the daughter to learn the value of helping others.