DON’T MISS OUT!! This day comes once a year. Tell everyone! Show your kids!

Jesus PROMISED the grace of total forgiveness of our sins AND of the punishment of our sins, available on the Sunday after Easter! (yes, that would mean no purgatory, if you died right after receiving this grace!) He’s opening wide the divine floodgates of His mercy to everyone on this day! He said, “Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet!”

Fr Chris Alar explains about this grace from God and how to get it:

Spiritual Nuggets for Family Discussion

Open with a prayer.
(i.e. Glory Be, Our Father, Hail Mary, or ‘Jesus, Mary, Joseph, we love You! Save souls!’)

What is God's Mercy?

  • A simple definition of mercy is ‘undeserved goodness.’
  • God’s undeserved goodness to us is this: He made us, He loves us, He made us to share in His Divine life (amazing!), and He forgives us (when we sincerely ask)!
  • Never forget what God promises us: “I will never take back My merciful love!” -Psalm 89;34
  • In response to God, we say: “I will sing of Your mercies forever, O Lord!” -Psalm 89:1

What's the difference between the forgiveness of sin and the punishment for sin?

  • Sin is an offense against God. It is disobeying His laws of love. Sin damages or even breaks our relationship with God. This is crucially important because our true happiness in life and eternity is ONLY found in our relationship with God!
  • Forgiveness of sin is when our relationship with God is restored. Whew!
  • Punishment for sin is repairing to some degree the damage caused by sin.
  • We repair the damage of sin by doing some good act or prayer, called a penance.
  • The damage can be repaired during our life, or we’ll finish repairing the damage in purgatory before going to Heaven.
  • The amazing gift of the Divine Mercy Sunday grace is that Christ promises to release us from repairing the remaining damage caused by our sin!

Can a non-Catholic receive this grace?

  • God can do anything He desires. He decides how much of this grace He will give to a soul.
  • We know that the good thief was a non-Catholic, and Christ forgave his sins and promised him to be in Heaven that very day.
  • Even though non-Catholics can’t receive communion or go to sacramental confession, they can make a spiritual communion and make an act of repentance for their sins.
  • God is abundantly generous to souls who trust in Him!
  • “Let us confidently approach the throne of grace to receive Mercy and to find grace for timely help.” -Heb 4:16

Want to dig deeper?

  • Check out the questions and answers at
  • Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, was the renowned Divine Mercy expert who “smuggled” the microfiche of St Faustina’s diary out of communist Poland and helped translate it for the world! Some believe that he was prophesied by St Faustina in paragraph 1689 by the initials “S.M.”, as the one who would help her establish the Divine Mercy Message. He passed away on February 11, 2021. Below is a 9-minute video of him recounting some of his profound discoveries regarding the Feast of Mercy.

Close with a prayer.