Paying Someone Else’s Grocery Bill

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Did people have difficulty believing that someone else would pay their bill?

  • Yes.

How did they respond when they realized that their bill was really taken care of?

  • Some smiled.
  • Some cried.
  • Almost everyone said “Thank you.”

How is paying someone else's grocery bill like taking on the punishment for someone else's sin?

  • In both cases, a person has a bill, a debt, that they justly owe, which is then paid by someone else.

How was the blond lady paying other people's grocery bills similar to what a Catholic priest does in confession?

  • The blond lady was not paying with her own money, but she got the joy of paying other people’s bills.
  • Priests don’t earn God’s grace. God gives grace through them, and they get the joy of seeing people’s sin debts get paid.