Parents Couldn’t Afford A Grand

Could Jude's parents afford to buy a grand piano?

  • No.

Why was Bill so moved by Jude's story?

  • He realized how special Jude was and wanted to help him became even more talented.

How was the way Bill saw Jude and the way Bill acted toward Jude similar to how God sees us and acts towards us?

  • God sees our unrepeatable uniqueness, and He deeply desires to help us become the greatest version of ourselves.
  • God gives us grand gifts: our lives, our talents, our family, and our Catholic Faith.
  • God offers to ‘tune us up’ for free regularly through the sacraments of the Eucharist and of Reconciliation(Confession).
  • God ‘cares for us as His own children’ and desires to make us part of His family here on earth and forever in Heaven.