Fr. Mike Schmitz: The Power of Fasting

(View segment from 3:43 to 8:10)
What is fasting?

  • It is saying ‘no’ to a good thing that you could have, so that you can offer that as a gift, a sacrifice of love to God.
  • You can fast from sleeping in, dessert, talking, watching videos, playing games, doing whatever you want, frankly anything.
  • The key to fasting is giving up a good thing (or even a bad habit), sacrificing yourself, so that you can gain a better thing, a spiritual good.

Why does Jesus want you to learn about the power of fasting?

  • Jesus wants you to be happy.
  • The happiest you can be on earth and in heaven is by imitating Jesus.
  • You imitate Jesus by offering the gift of your self-sacrifice for the spiritual good of others.
  • When you do this, you will love well and experience God’s peace and joy.