Through Heaven’s Eyes

Why was Jethro a strong father figure for Moses?

  • He cared about Moses and paid attention to Moses’ strengths, weaknesses and misconceptions.
  • Jethro was strong, but respectful, in correcting Moses’ thinking.

What lessons did Jethro teach Moses?

  • What a person gives is more important than what he gains financially.
  • That helping and protecting others is valuable and shows great strength of character.
  • And most importantly, that we can see what is really valuable in life only by looking through heaven’s eyes, by looking for what God sees as important.

How did Jethro’s teaching change Moses?

  • Moses starts the scene sad and confused. However, by following the teaching of a good father, he soon discovers the joy and fruitfulness of serving others.
  • Moses learns that when you look through heaven’s eyes, life becomes clearer, and God helps you find real happiness.