A Boy Who Was Taken to Heaven

This is an amazing video about a boy who had a near death experience and says he was taken to heaven by angels and Jesus:

(View segment from 0 to 6:42)

Why did Colton's parents believe that he had actually been to heaven?

  • He somehow knew that he had almost died, even though he had just come out of surgery.
  • He knew that his dad’s grandpa was named “Pop,” even though he didn’t know that before.
  • He knew about things Pop had done with Colton’s dad as a little boy.
  • He somehow knew that his mom had a baby that had died in her tummy.

Does Colton’s experience prove that angels are real?

  • No, it is not perfect proof. This story is amazing and convincing, yet God still requires us to have faith.
  • Since God is love and love requires trust and faith, God stretches us to have faith and trust Him, so we can learn to really, really love well.
  • Even so, we do know that angels are real for sure because Jesus said so!

If you’d like to find out more, you can purchase the book Heaven is for Real, or watch the movie.