Angel Caught on Camera

(View segment from 0 to 2:18)
Do you think that Chelsea was visited by an angel?

  • Answers vary.
  • Whether or not this video is evidence of a real angel, we can trust that angels do exist because Jesus said they do. Jesus is all truth and will never deceive us.

What things about this story make it believable that an angel may well have appeared?

  • There was physical healing. Whether miraculous or not, Chelsea’s recovery from severe illness was amazing, especially after the doctors said there was nothing more they could do for her. Healing is always a gift from God.
  • Also, many credible people all reported seeing the light on the monitor. One nurse said she kept seeing a man behind the door, but each time she opened it to let him in “he was gone.”

Can you remember any bible stories where angels were sent to people?

  • Acts 12:7: An angel freed Peter from prison. The angel released his chains, led him past two soldiers sleeping beside him and past the door guards, and then opened the iron gate of the city.
  • The Book of Tobit: The angel Raphael was sent to heal Tobit’s eyes and give Sarah as a wife to Tobiah.
  • The angel Gabriel was sent to Zechariah to announce that his wife would become pregnant, even though she was old.
  • Gabriel also came to Mary to announce that she would miraculously become pregnant with Jesus.