The Guides of Mount Everest

This is a powerful story about the guides who help people climb Mount Everest. They are called Sherpas.

How are Sherpas like guardians angels?

  • Sherpas know the safe path to the top of the mountain, just like guardian angels are sent by God to guide us safely on the path to heaven.

Do guardian angels risk their lives like sherpas do?

  • No. Guardian angels cannot die. But they do everything they can to keep you safe and keep you continuing on the right trail.
  • Guardian angels know the best path for you. They know your personal strengths and weaknesses, and they give you help all the time.

Can you reject the help of your guardian angel?

  • Yes. Just like the lady in the video didn’t do what her sherpa advised her to do (which almost cost her life,) we can choose to not accept or do the good things our guardian angels suggest to our minds for us to do.

For a guardian angel, is protecting your soul more important than protecting your body?

  • Yes! Your soul is more precious because it won’t die. Your immortal soul will live forever either in Heaven or in Hell.
  • Your body will eventually die before it is raised up on the last day.
  • Jesus died to save your soul, and He sends His angels to help you accept Jesus’ gift of salvation.
  • Sickness and death of the body help repair the damage caused by sin and refocus us on what is most important – eternal life.
  • Angels won’t save our bodies when that sickness or death is actually helping to save our souls!