A Cheetah, Impala and Baboons

This video is about a cheetah, an impala and some baboons in Africa. There is no sound. Watch carefully what happens to the impala:

Who do you think the cheetah is more like: angels or devils?

  • The cheetah is more like the devil.
  • It was trying to kill the impala.

Who are the baboons like?

  • They are like guardian angels, who come to protect us.

Before the impala was caught, do you think it was staying near its herd?

  • This impala was probably not staying close to the herd for protection.
  • Cheetahs like to target the animals that are easiest to catch; the ones at a distance from the herd or by themselves.
  • The devil tries to tempt us to disobey our parents and do bad things, so that we distance ourselves from our family and God’s safety and protection. It is then easier for him to try to hurt us and lead our souls to hell.