The Difference Between Good Angels and Bad Angels

In this video, we learn the difference between good angels and bad angels. You will hear Cardinal Arinze use the word “petrol”, which means gasoline. Gas is very flammable, so it can be dangerous.

(View Segment from 1:53 to 4:11)
Can an angel ever force you to do something?

  • No. You always have free will and can choose what to do.
  • Your guardian angel will inspire you to do good things.
  • The devil or bad angels will inspire you to do bad things. The devil is more insistent and tries to repeatedly tempt you, which is why it is hard to fight temptations.

Does the devil want you to believe in him?

  • No! The devil knows that if you don’t believe in him, he can be more active in your life, because you won’t be aware of him and you won’t ask God for protection against him.
  • Jesus said the devil exists, and that is enough for us to believe it.