Andrew Ucles Catches a Fox with His Bare Hands

Why was Andrew able to pursue the fox so well?

  • He knew how to attract the fox by imitating the noise of a distressed rabbit.
  • He knows all about the fox’s habits and where foxes try to hide.

What similarities can you draw between Andrew trying to catch the fox and God pursuing us?

    Some answers:

  • God knows how to attract us to Himself.
  • God is persistent, and He knows that we often try to hide from Him.
  • God doesn’t want to hurt us; He wants to hold us close to His heart.
  • Just like the fox bit Andrew, we sometimes try to “hurt” God when we are angry that we don’t get our way. Even so, God is gentle with us.
  • Andrew saw the beauty in the fox, even though the fox is doing damage to the other Australian wildlife. In a similar way, God always sees the beauty in us, even when we cause problems or reject Him.