The Beauty of Bird Flight

If you think of the birds in flight like us humans living our lives, what similarities can you draw between the people in the aircraft and God?

    Some possible answers:

  • The people in the aircraft were so happy and delighted to draw near and fly close to the birds, just like God was delighted to become man and walk among us.
  • The people in the aircraft wanted to touch, but not upset the birds in flight. In a similar way, God wants to touch us, but He won’t hurt us or cause us to fall. “A bruised reed He will not break.” – Matt 12:20.┬áThis prophecy pointed to Jesus’ gentleness with mankind.
  • After flying with the birds, the birds started following the aircraft and even landed with the aircraft. In a similar way, when Jesus became man and walked with us, we got to know God better, and many of us now know the joy of walking with God.