African Tribesmen and Persistence Hunting

This video shows how African tribesmen provide food for their families through persistence hunting. Beware: at the 5:50 mark, the tribesman throws his spear into the animal. There is no blood, but the imagery can be disturbing for some people.

How was the tribesman able to pursue and eventually catch the animal?

  • He paid attention to the tracks of the animal and followed them carefully.
  • He would think like the animal to know which direction the animal would go.
  • He pursued the animal until it was too tired to run away.

If you think of the animal like us human beings, how was the tribesman a little like God?

  • God is always pursing our hearts and souls – He will never stop.
  • God does want to be close to us.
  • God knows how we think and what our strengths and weaknesses are.

How is this tribesman NOT like God?

  • God never forces himself upon us.
  • God does not want to scare us or chase us away.
  • God does not want to hurt us.

Does God want us to die?

  • Yes!
  • God wants us to die to our sin and selfishness.
  • God leads us to suffering and death with Christ, so that we can be born to eternal life and live the unimaginable happiness we were made for in Heaven.