The Greatest Showman: From Now On

(View segment from 0 to 4:08)

Through this song, what is this dad telling us about what he chased after in his life?

  • He chased after the praise and cheers of others.
  • These things didn’t make him happy.

Why does God let us chase after the wrong things?

  • He allows us to experience the emptiness of seeking unimportant things so that we can learn to pursue the best things in life: loving God, our family, and others.

What does he promise that he will do from now on?

  • He will come back home.
  • He will put his family first.
  • He will pursue the hearts of his wife and children.
  • When he ran after the train and jumps aboard, he is heading to his family to be with them, back home again!

Now that he is imitating God and pursing those he loves, what difference does that make in his life?

  • He was sad and feeling lost at the beginning of this song. As he sings and understands his mission more clearly, he becomes filled with joy and purpose.

If you’d like, you can purchase The Greatest Showman movie. To learn more about the deeper meaning of the movie, check out this fantastic blog post by my daughter Madeleine.