Prank: Jesus Heals a Man, Then Ascends

Why were the bystanders stunned by the man's healing?

  • The man in the wheelchair did a convincing job of acting disabled. His strong emotional response to the “healing” seemed genuine.
  • Since the real Jesus really can heal, the bystanders thought that perhaps the white-robed man was Jesus, or at least some sort of miracle worker.

Why were the bystanders further astonished when Jesus appeared to ascend toward Heaven?

  • After the supposed healing, Jesus’ ascension was inexplicable. They couldn’t believe they were seeing that with their own eyes!
  • They could have easily reasoned that since the real Jesus does have full control over all the elements, maybe this guy was him.

Does the real Jesus like to astonish us and reveal His love woven into the fabric of the universe?

  • Yes!
  • He wants us to see the amazing things He does and continues to do, so that we begin to understand the power, depth, height, breadth, beauty, and intricacy of His Divine love.