A Cell within a Human Body

This video is amazing and shows the activity within one cell of the human body. You will hear lots of words that you don’t know, but that isn’t important. Just pay attention to the different things going on inside of this cell:

What did you learn about the activity of one human cell?

    Answers vary:

  • There is a virtual city of activity happening in every cell of your body at every second.
  • The activity of each cell is incredibly complex and well-ordered.

There are estimated to be 37 trillion cells in your body! That number is 37 plus 12 zeros. What does this tell you about God's incredible designs?

  • God can do a mind-blowing number of things all at the same time.
  • A computer could not keep track of all the activities happening within one human body.
  • In order to stay alive, those 37 trillion cells have to work together pretty darn well. So, not only are God’s designs more detailed than we can imagine, the complexity of all those things working together in harmony enough for us to live is unbelievable!

What do these cells all working together tell you about God's love and His Will in your life?

    Possible answers:

  • God loves to the tiniest detail. Not only is every hair on your head counted, but every cell in your body is cherished and planned by God.
  • God loves us more than we can ever imagine.
  • If God can get 37 trillion cells to work together, then He can for sure be trusted to work out all the details in your life, even though they can seem complicated or confusing.