The Depth of the Ocean

What did you learn about the depth of the ocean? ?

    Answers vary:

  • While light only penetrates 3,280 feet, and the ocean’s deepest point is 35,797 feet.
  • The record for the deepest any mammal has ever swum is 9,816 feet, by the Cuvier’s beaked whale.
  • There are thousands of undiscovered species of marine life deep in the ocean.

What can we learn about God when we think about the thousands of undiscovered marine species?

  • God is really, really creative.
  • God has created things that we can’t even imagine.
  • God is simply awesome!

Since God is love, what does the ocean teach us about God's love?

  • God’s love is deeper than we can imagine.
  • God wants us to discover more and more how much He loves us.
  • God delights in revealing new things to us, and He will do so for all eternity.
  • With all the amazing things that God has made, the fact that God sent Jesus to save us and lead us to be with Him in heaven shows how incredibly precious we are to God!